The Dentsmith Paintless Door Ding Removal

Paintless Door Ding Removal works great on those little bothersome eyesores such as:

Door Dings - Minor Dents - Small Creases - and Hail Damage

Even those dents caused by shopping carts, golf balls, baseballs, etc.

Paintless Door Ding Removal doesn't work on collision damage, deep creases 6" to 8" long, or dents along the edge of body panels, hoods, fenders, doors and roofs etc., Dents with cracked fractured or missing paint or Chrome or plastic bumpers.

In the case where there is damage or missing paint in or around a dent.  We can remove the dent and recommend a mobile paint, chip & scratch removal company. 

Compared to Body Shop Repairs, most dents can be removed in 30 to 90 minutes instead of 2 to 3 hours.

Convenience and time saving comes second only to quality of work and customer satisfaction.

If you are thinking of selling or trading your vehicle, then having those small dings and dents removed will increase the value of your vehicle by hundred or even thousands of dollars.  Remember that "appearance is everything." 

Quality work and customer satisfaction is our goal! With competitive prices, a time saving process and convenience in mind, we will strive to make your Paintless Door Ding Removal experience affordable and stress free.

Please call:    757 546-1747 office

                    757 477-9448 mobile

Free estimates at home or office!


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